Fitted Black Dress

Been a minute since I’ve been out so this weekend I plan to go full force with the ladies. A night out on the town full of laughter and good vibes. I decided to pull that dress out and lace the heels up.

My week was a bit short so tonight I started early. As I let the wind hit my body’s surface I’m realizing this was well overdo. I needed to laugh I needed to have fun I needed to embrace me.

As I slid my dress up I embraced my curves, suddenly I’m back to the old me. My confidence is at an ultimate high, my options I’m exploring and not a person I have to answer too.

“Sometimes you just need that outing, you need that break!”

When life weighs you down you pick it back up and live. Go dress up, get sexy, and own who you are. Pull that dress out, strut it as you walk slow. Make this night all about you!

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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