Prepping Time

/prep/ prepare (something); make ready.

Tomorrow is the day my procedure is scheduled. I’m anxious and afraid all at once but I’m reminded of the unexpected things life can bring. So before the procedure there were some days ahead I was in need to prep for.

One day I couldn’t eat after a certain time, the other I couldn’t eat at all. My eating habits were off a bit so not eating anything has become a normal for me.

“Sometimes we’re already prepared without notice of what’s to come..”

I had others telling me how much of a challenge this would be but what’s challenging for others could actually be way simpler to you. This was something I took into my own consideration and not let the words of others drive me into being in fear.

There is a saying what works for me may not work for you

Along with prepping you have to get your mind right and stay on this consistent bases. You have to follow instructions and do as the instructions follow. If you happen to not do as instructed you will have to follow the same steps again. Instantly I thought this is all a way of life.

“If you don’t get it right you have another shot…”

We prepare ourselves for certain situations not knowing the turnout but placing our trust into the author. That’s what preparing is all about! You focus, get your mind on track, and go forward with whatever it is.

Regardless if you fail or succeed, there is still opportunity for more! You can still get back up and start over.

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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