“God bless the woman who holds her own.”

Coping with the lost of a love one during the holidays..

Although things seem fine for everyone else you’re the one hurting, crying, missing a piece that was valuable to you. I know the feeling I myself lost my Father on November 24, 2011 which fell on Thanksgiving day. Just to arrive to the hospital room and head straight to the consultation room and doctors say… Continue reading Coping with the lost of a love one during the holidays..

Pick Me ..

Here in this single season I’ve sat alone and seems as if every man that comes across me I’m just another option standing in line yelling “Pick Me!” You know the feeling of knowing the answer with your hand held high wanting the teacher to call on you? That’s me! Why is it that men… Continue reading Pick Me ..

There’s light ..

So maybe you’re stressed you don’t know how or when. You’re worrying and this certain situation is taking control over your mind. Psalm 46:10 says “Be still, and know that I am God… so when things get tough should we panick? No! Step back, open your eyes, and acknowledge who God is and what he’s… Continue reading There’s light ..


During your single stage do you prepare or expect? A lot of times we expect. We expect a good man/woman to just appear, we expect him/her to be all that we desire, but do we prepare? Do you take time to heal from past trauma? Also can you provide in return the things you ask… Continue reading Prepare

The Forgiven Forgives

Why do people hurt us with the intent of no apology? We’re left lingering the hurt on the inside while they have moved on living happily ever after. Why is it that good people are the ones to get walked over? Why can’t we just live life with the fulfillment of being loved and receiving… Continue reading The Forgiven Forgives


I’m patient but yet left wondering when will you come. I watch friends get engaged or friends find love but yet my heart remains empty. Although I find love in Christ, I dream of having a mate. I want a companion, a motivator, a soul mate. I pray I talk to God but yet Love… Continue reading Love


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