The Missing Piece

Within a week my life has made great transformation. If you would’ve asked me a week ago my mind was solely focused on the wrong thing. Just a quick reminder about life “it goes on.” Some situations in life are meant to teach us and I can truly say some people are placed in our life where we learn something or either they give us new meaning to life.


Lately things have been piecing together for me. I have my peace back and the new opportunities are flowing in. It’s all adding up now, my vision is now clear to things/people. Just one simple talk with God can restore you so be careful what you ask for!!


“Sometimes you just have to give it to God and get some rest..”

If I’ve never felt complete I do now and those things that bothered me I’m now numb to. I’m so excited to continue witnessing more and receive all the goodness that’s in store. No one is perfect we all have flaws but when your intentions are pure you reap a harvest and things have certainly been working in my favor.


I don’t care what you’re dealing with but in the mist surround yourself with people who love and won’t give up on you. Over this week I learned to release it all but what makes it all so special is having someone who listens. I’m so thankful to have someone to vent to and encounter this judgement free zone where I can be me but still be valued and appreciated.


“Sometimes all you need is a safe place..”

I may have made mistakes in the past however I don’t feel guilty about them. You live, you learn, but you fix your mistakes. I’ve been more open lately and allowing my heart to accept love and not feel afraid. I’m proud of who I’m becoming but there’s still improvement for more. It’s a journey so I won’t beat myself up.


What I didn’t realize was how God place people in our life to prepare us for what’s to come. So now everything I’ve been through in the past I’m able to utilize it before I make the same mistakes. Life wasn’t making sense to me and I felt like everything had failed when in actuality it departed for my good.


“In reality some things fail to all mend with greater…”

I’m super thrilled to witness the rest that’s in store. In the mean time I’ll keep my head up and let God go to work. This is my journey and I’m ready to take the walk. The past is in the past and my future is shining brighter. Throughout life’s process I’ll always remain humble and be grateful for my current circumstances.


I’m uncertain if you believe things have failed for you, if so understand that in the season where you’re about to be elevated everyone can’t GO! It’s God protection there is no loss. If God sent it there’s no way possible anyone could take it away. In the end it’ll all add up, you’ll see it was actually for your greatest good.


“For every goodbye, God also provides a hello.” -Donna Gable Hatch

There will always be moments where life attempts to remind you of your past or you’ll even experience moments you encountered that will easily trigger you. You take those moments and witness how far you’ve come and how you’ve overcame those challenges. Don’t let the enemy lure you back into what God pulled you out of.


You keep walking, you keep going, and never turn back! There’s something greater on the opposite end that’ll make you realize everything you went through was the last piece of life’s puzzle you created.


By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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