To inspire, encourage, promote healing, and replenish the soul.

In life we face obstacles but faith get us through. I always say it’s impossible to speak that we can overcome situations without first believing the hardship would pass. I pray you take deep consideration into the words you speak into your daily life. Whatever it is you want God will certainly grant you all your heart desires. It’s not about moving on it’s about knowing the place you’re at in life is not your final destination. There is greater in store to the one who believes.

“She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”

Creator Courtney Dillard woman of faith, encourager, leader wanted to instill positivity and uplift others on their journey to recover.

One moment you have it all, next moment life flashes and all that you thought you would have suddenly fades away. -C. Dillard

If you take nothing away understand that we are all human and we face challenges. Your current situation is not your final destination, life gets better when one has faith that trials turn into testimonies.