Coping with the lost of a love one during the holidays..

Although things seem fine for everyone else you’re the one hurting, crying, missing a piece that was valuable to you. I know the feeling I myself lost my Father on November 24, 2011 which fell on Thanksgiving day. Just to arrive to the hospital room and head straight to the consultation room and doctors say “we’ve done all we can.”

Can you imagine how I felt? 8 months pregnant! My heart raced, for a min I thought God let me down I even questioned him and asked God why?

Truth is we do not quite understand why we face trial and error however a mistake we make is trying to figure out why instead of realizing that’s an area that’s already planned out it’s all in the works.

I may have a solution for you. Do you know why we go through pain? I can explain it. I have came to realization that we need pain in order to grow. Pain pushes you to your fullest potential. Here’s an example think of a breakup, everything you do after that is what we call a glow up! Like you’re working so hard to perfect yourself so the one who mistreated you witness your success.

Well death of a love one is quite the same, think of it when your love one pass away, we dedicate everything to them. The strive I had came from the pain I faced over the years. Yes I’ve been broken, yes I’ve been mistreated, yes I’ve been lied on, yes! Yes! Yes!

Moral of the story: If it wasn’t for pain, we wouldn’t push ourselves. I think of it as no struggle, no push. So while you’re coping and not quite understanding know that every tear has a reward. Every ounce of pain you’re facing will be replaced with the joys of life. One day you’ll see you needed to go through the pain to reach the new level in your life.

I pray you take this moment and be thankful for what’s to come! “The pain you’ve faced won’t compare to the joy you’ll feel soon.” Praying for strength over you today & every other day that’s ahead. Take time & enjoy family & great food.

Happy Thanksgiving family & friends 🦃


By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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