Pick Me ..

Here in this single season I’ve sat alone and seems as if every man that comes across me I’m just another option standing in line yelling “Pick Me!” You know the feeling of knowing the answer with your hand held high wanting the teacher to call on you? That’s me!

Why is it that men aren’t consistent? Why is it that men don’t communicate or show their emotions? Why is it that men lie? I desire to learn from a man, someone who’s willing to guide me and teach me new things however the men I attract are husbands, boyfriends, and prisoners. I leave them right in my inbox (laughing).


I’m so tough when it comes to dating there’s this guard up I place as soon as I feel a connection so usually I step aside “fall back” to protect me. Truth is men will say any and everything to keep me but when it come to their actions *thumbs down* they’re horrible. So I try to play my part by not getting high hopes, I usually feed off the energy given.

I’m a woman that’s selfish I’m not to fond of sharing I want my own person, my own Man! The good thing about me throughout my singleness I’ve had time to observe me & learn me, let’s just say I’m far from perfect. I’m aware of things I need to change within myself but it’s been kind of cool identifying flaws and working towards a better lifestyle.

Although it sucks I embrace every single woman to not fall for a number in line. The right man will lead you out and focus solely on you. I’m talking time, love, affection, and attention. (Notice I said nothing about money) Here’s my thought as a woman when you work hard what a man brings is a plus but his money is not for us to rely on. If you have a hustle within yourself anything he brings is a bonus.

You get it?

I will not spend my years just being “The Go To” or “The Spare Time.” In this stage I’m saying my goodbye to the times I jumped up wanting to be called and hello to the now. Somewhere there’s a man who’s going to acknowledge me, lead me, and make me his top priority.

It’s possible, LOVE is out there, remember you’ll never have to force or beg anything that’s for you!

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.


  1. One of the best explanations I’ve heard in a long time came from my youngest daughter speaking of men that were or were not suitable for dating and/or marriage…
    She said, “I shouldn’t be able to spiritually arm wrestle him and win.”
    Spirit Mamma Amy


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