If he wanted to, he would..

One of the hardest things with dating is finding someone who’s consistent. I often run across the saying “If he wanted to, he would” and now it all makes sense.

A man will only put in time with a woman he interested in, if the consistency stops with you… it’s with someone else. In no form of way I’m trying to bash men, but this is to help women be aware when it comes to situations like this.

What’s for you will flow naturally, if you have to beg or question it….it’s not for you! A real man will never put you in a position to where you have to wonder.

I ran across someone I found great interest in however once things begin to fade I began to question myself. Sometimes we as women tend to believe it’s us when in reality it’s not. Just understand that maybe you’re not for them & they’re not for you.

We must learn to let things go instead of furthering things that eventually will drain us of our peace. No person is ever too busy to make time for someone they’re pursuing. When the excuses get to flowing in, the time starts to fade, your mind gets to wondering it’s time to break lose.

A quick tip for singles while dating:

Don’t settle for being an option! You are worth more than being someone’s down time. Have respect for yourself and your body, don’t allow everyone to have access. Be picky with you. Have faith that one day the right person will come along. Never lose hope, anything you desire will be granted when the time is RIGHT!

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.


  1. Love this! “If he wanted to, he would” empowers us to move on from a situation where we’re not being valued as much as we value them. I’ve come across so many of these situations with dating – everything’s great for a few weeks then BOOM he stops texting and starts to drift … and that’s when we need to walk away rather than let them play with us.


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