You have potential …

You doubt yourself, you worry why and how. You no longer put up the fight somehow you tend to let Satan get the best of you. You let disappointments win you over, you see no way on how you’ll make it through. I get it I have been there.

Today I’m here to tell you that YOU HAVE POTENTIAL! In life I find that all we need is encouragement, we need uplifting, we need reassurance. As I read (Proverbs 3:26) it indicates “the Lord is our security (our protector) he will keep our foot from being caught in a trap.” This scripture gives us the answer we need to move further in life.

Our biggest fear is going forward being afraid we will get stuck but here it tells us as bright as day he will protect us and keep us from being jammed. There is no reason to hesitate or doubt anything in life with God on our side paving the sidewalk smooth to keep us from stumbling.

We are all blessed with gifts inside of us, God is waiting on you to trust in his will & take a leap of faith.

Do not hold yourself back from doing what God has called you to do because of self doubt. As soon as you step out God will pull things out of you that you had no idea you were capable of doing.

I have faith in you.

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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