Passion to purpose: The Proverb Woman

She is capable and intelligent; she gives comforts and encouragement and she is applauded by her husband and children for her wisdom and honesty – her gentleness and mercy. She is thrifty and industrious; prudent and self-controlled, generous and creative.
So often, in the Word of God, the believer is expected to be clothed in righteousness, strength and humility, and covered with a garment of gracious praise. When we are clothed in Christ’s righteousness, it is His dignified strength and His gracious love that shines through.

This is a woman of gratitude, no where laziness transpired. She did not procrastinate neither did she give in. The Proverbs woman is a fearfully made woman. So ask yourself what are the similarities? How does this woman differ from who I am? Am I the procrastinator or the go-getter I know I’m capable of being? My advice to you is to not hold yourself back any longer from accomplishing what is meant for you in life. Do not be afraid to believe in yourself and step out into new beginnings. Let God reveal your true identity & live in that moment. You have potential to be who you want to be. It starts with you! You are powerful and created for a divine purpose.

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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