I’m patient but yet left wondering when will you come. I watch friends get engaged or friends find love but yet my heart remains empty. Although I find love in Christ, I dream of having a mate. I want a companion, a motivator, a soul mate. I pray I talk to God but yet Love is still at a standstill. Have I ran across my mate? Maybe the time wasn’t right or maybe he’s just unprepared. I know you feel the same as me you’re wondering where is the man who’ll save my heart that’s been bruised by men of no meaning. I want to encourage you to not lose the hope, one day this will all be a memory.

I’ve learned to embrace my singleness and build my faith in God. God wants my heart before I give it to anyone else. He’s the header he’s the King, the only way this man will be able to find you is strictly through God. While you wait talk to God, prepare yourself for this man in the meantime. Be sure of the things you ask for in a mate you can also provide. Don’t settle for anything that brings harm to your spirit. Love brings peace, so if it pains you, Let It Go!

The longer you wait the more you value self, the more you learn yourself. Some of us hold on to past insecurities that we block love when it arrives. I think God wants us to fully focus on him and get things in order before we receive what’s in store. Sometimes I watch people around me find love soon as they get out of a relationship and then there’s me, like God I’m ready but God still blocks because he knows deep down we’re no where near prepared. Here’s my prayer for you, may we continue to seek his will and never lose faith in what’s to come.

God I thank you for giving me understanding into your word. God keep me on the path you’ve called me to walk on. Forgive me for the things you may not agree of and make my heart to be more worthy of your love. God when I don’t receive the things I expect help me to see it’s all of your plan, it’s your protection that blocks the things I once desired. God give me direction and guide me through the unseen. I pray for my mate Lord may our hearts find favor in one another. As long as it takes I’ll wait on you, i trust your plan for my life Lord. I honor you in Jesus name. Amen!

Love will come, don’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel of God. Remember love is peace not pain.

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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