Be His Peace..

Today’s therapy session we covered how to bring peace into a relationship. I wanted to share some things in hopes of helping more women step into their most calm era. This was an area I struggled in but as I’ve evaluated some things I’ve learned it’s okay to ease the tension and show affection.

You really do not have to nag the life out of a man that has chosen to love and cherish you.

The woman in a relationship – should be a calming force to their man’s life and provide him with an escape from the harsh realities of this world.

Pastor Keion

Ways to give a man stability:

1. Love him dearly and always express it. Let him know you’re always his number one fan.

2. Respect him and all that pertains to him. Respect is one of the greatest needs of men. As a matter of fact, they value their self respect more than they value the things of the heart.

3. Appreciate his efforts no matter how little they may seem. You never can tell how much sacrifice he makes just to see you happy and comfortable.

4. Never look down on him. Hold him in a very high regard and never give others the opportunity to look down on him.

5. Resist the urge to talk back at him especially when he’s angry. You can always come back when he’s in a better mood and then talk things over.

When talking things over, address him in a proper and calm tone. Talk like a well-mannered lady that you really are.

6. Listen attentively to him. Allow him express himself too and listen while he talks. There’s no communication without attention.

7. Pamper him. Praise him when he does things for you. Infact, even for no reason, surprise him with gifts too.

8. Make sweet and passionate love to him when he needs it. Ease him off the stress and tension of the day’s activity. It has a subsconscious effect on the mind in terms of relaxation.

9. Give him some space whenever the need arises. It helps him unwind, clear his head, and reason out solutions to problems.

10. Always Pray For Him. Stand in the gap for him at all times. Be his backbone. Be that woman that tirelessly intercedes for her man. Always commit his endeavours into the hands of the Almighty and watch Him protect, guide, provide and of course, bless your man abundantly in all things.

Remember that a loving peaceful relationship is one in which both partners accept each other for all of their flaws and mistakes, and support each other unconditionally. Do your best to care for your partner, but never forget your needs and desires.

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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