Love Story ..

I looked at myself lately thinking I lost something special when all life was teaching me was to “prepare.” I had high hopes of making it last, the many nights of prayer only turned into God replacing it with something greater.

Sometimes we have to let things go for better to come ..

I had no intentions of running into you but as life passes by opportunities flow in. You were certainly my best “offer.” For hours we sit and talk about anything, you’re open & honest I could tell you anything.

Now as I watch you lay I smile and become weak. Your smile, those white teeth is always the highlight of my day. You reassure me to keep going, you challenge me when I feel defeated. You uplift me when I feel beaten. God took his time with you.

My love languages you fulfill, at times I have to look at my hands and ensure that I’m human. I never thought my desires would come true. Here I am watching those around me receive the love that always lacked me but as I begin to work on myself you appeared, stepped in, and accepted all of me.

Flaws & All ..

With you I’m calm, with you I’m patient, with you I’m understanding, with you I’m nurturing, as I lay in your arms the presence of comfort and peace surrounds me.

I feel safe with you, in you I feel whole I feel complete. I honor you I value who you are, thank you for being everything they never were, someone like you is rare to come by.

To Be Continued….

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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