The Past Called

What do you do in this situation? You’re all alone, no one to cling too and instantly the past appears. Do you answer? Do you ignore? The easiest thing to do is fall weak into your loneliness and fall victim into this trap.

I always knew that this day would come and you’ll attempt to lure back in, I figure you want to see if I’m the weak woman I once was. The naive woman who fell for anything with hopes of actions to follow but only led to let downs and disappointments.

“You have no access to me …”

I’m usually not the one to double back I never saw a purpose. I always believed if you wanted something you would value it while you had the chance. I guess you never realize until what you have becomes what you had.

You never actually think you can move on this person has a hold on you. What do you do when moving on is your only option? You can attempt to stay but in the long run it only cuts you deep.

I’m proud of me I didn’t give in. I’m learning to have self control over my life.

“Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you settle for less ..”

I’m asked all the time how did I remain this strong how do I go so long without conversation or dates? I let the past marinate in my soul for the longest I became so numb to actually enjoying me.

Why do we place ourselves on hold for others who ignore us? Why do we hold on to someone who shows us the real side of them? Why does the actions of others affects us so bad when we’ve done our best? It’s their loss not ours!

“One day you’ll realize when it’s too late..”

Life has taught me the most valuable thing and people will certainly treat you how they feel about you. Everything is good in the beginning but later you’ll witness one’s truest character. If they leave you meant nothing if they stay you’re worth the fight! So ask yourself when the past calls what do I do? You ignore it as if it never happened.

When someone cares about you they don’t turn their back on you, they fight despite what goes on. When someone cares for you it’s not so easy to just move on. If the past becomes the past you leave it there and prepare for the “Future.”

I’m a firm believer in what fades away can and will be replaced with a greater value. Let the hurt go, breathe in, exhale out, life goes on!

“What is always the best thing to do can be the hardest pill to swallow …”

Once you hit decline you choose to break free! Go live and be the best version of you.

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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