I wonder what you’re like …

I think of you, I dread the moment to have you here. I wonder what your tone is like or even your complexion. Have I ran across you? Have you passed me by and I’ve not noticed? Or have we been in contact but maybe bad timing?

I wonder do you pray for me? Do you talk to God daily about me? I can’t wait to wake up next to you and smile. Those will certainly be the joyous of moments I’ve waited patiently for.

Some people may not understand but I’ve saved the best parts of me for you. My mind for you to explore, my body for you to keep, and my soul for you to cherish. Those are things I’d rather keep reserved for you.

Each night I lay alone I don’t mind at all because I know that one day laying alone will turn into laying with you. I want to admire you, protect you, pray over you, just be your peace of mind. I want to support you, uplift you, speak words of life over you. All around I want to make you feel amazing, I have faith I’ll receive all those in return.

I ask myself sometimes what’s taking so long? But then I realize good things take time. I can truly see God is taking his time with you.

Whoever you are I pray you read this and smile. One day we’ll run into one another and our hearts will connect. Our hearts will find favor in one another, maybe even race. This will be a feeling we both feel and a moment that’ll last a lifetime.

– A woman patiently waiting on love ❤️

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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