Clearing up space …

This year I wanted change, this is by far the first year I’ve ever saw consistency with my decision making. I’m going to the gym literally everyday, I’m eating healthier, no fast food I mean I’m finally on this path I always aimed for.

Well that’s the health part, then you have life in general I’m regaining my faith, I’m better aligned, I’m smiling more, I’m getting back to me. Then there’s the love life still at a stand still. By this being the most focused year for me I decided to get even more focused and just delete every man’s number I’ve ever came in contact with.

I know Wow right? But listen this year I want to date, I want someone to actually treat me and we have fun and leave our worries behind. I want to laugh, I want to smile, I just want it to be us! Seems as I always come across the ones who rather lay up and that’s no fun besides I’m not the type of woman to stoop so low.

I want a fresh start and not one guy has taken the initiative to actually take me out and we enjoy each other’s presence. It’s always “can I come over?” or “you want to come and chill?” It’s never get dressed I’ve made plans for us, do you see what I’m saying?

Now if I seem picky to you, No! I’m not. What I do know is there’s more to life than sex or me being someone’s downtime. I actually want to date and enjoy life. Just quality time with someone! My purpose of erasing those contacts was to ultimately make room for the permanent. I call it clearing up space.

Lately I’ve came across temporary and what I desire is something that will be long-lasting. So if I’m being too extra, that’s just my desire! I’m not interested in short term, I deserve solid and secure.

So now it’s goodbye to the ones who made me feel unworthy, I apologize for setting my standards with a level of respect and integrity. This year I’m preparing myself for long-term opportunities those brief moments I held with certain individuals will no longer serve me any justice.

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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