New Year, New Blessings!


Wow here we have it 2022! What’s to come 2022? let’s say bigger faith, stability, love, & success. If I’ve never had more faith in my desires I feel this year would bring me all that I’ve been patient for.

I take this as a fresh start at life to mend things to take certain adjustments and one way I started off was minimizing my social media. Some things hold a big impact over your life and for me the message I receive from social media was all a comparison game. I do not aim to be like anyone but myself so I wanted to start fresh and make things simply on the focus of me.


I want to live the life God wants for me, I want to dive in the word more, I want to study God and spread the joys of life to others. I want happiness for me and my family. I aim for success over my business and yours. I want good things to happen overall I want us all to WIN!

•What are some goals you have set?

•How do you plan to achieve them?

•How’s your spiritual life?

•How’s your faith in yourself?

•What are your ultimate goals?

My advice to you is to Write!Manifest!Believe! This year will bring greatness I can almost sense the approvals, new opportunities, marriages, and goals being accomplished.

If no one is ROOTING for you, I am! Here’s to the success this year will bring. May all work in your favor as we take on new beginnings and fresh starts. Remember the only thing stopping you from achieving is the voice of the enemy. In all things have faith and tune out the negative. This is your year of comeback and breakthroughs.

To the good life ….

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.


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