Like Baking A Cake..

As I was headed home I always take time and talk to God so this specific conversation was basically on waiting for my spouse and being clear on the things I ask of God in my significant other. I compared waiting as it is to baking a cake.

You have certain ingredients you use to make this cake vice versa the things we ask of God in our mate. What made me compare the two was the waiting process on how we sit but not rush the timing. We do other things in the mean time to keep us occupied while we wait.

Never doubt how swiftly God can move..

We wait patiently throughout the baking process for the cake to rise which is liquid then it rises to this cake texture same as it is to waiting while you’re single being alone to yourself and then you’re blessed with what you waited for.

I think we should learn to be more patient look at it as if we take the cake out to early it’s not done same as if we rush God for love and we have someone come into our life and we’re not as ready as we think we are at the moment which makes us reject. 

I feel as if when love happens it’ll happen when the time is right just make sure to not want the process to be of faster speed because you’ll end up receiving something/mate that’s not ready!

By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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