During your single stage do you prepare or expect? A lot of times we expect. We expect a good man/woman to just appear, we expect him/her to be all that we desire, but do we prepare? Do you take time to heal from past trauma? Also can you provide in return the things you ask of in a significant other? It’s so easy for us to state our needs in a person but when it all boils down can we match in return the things we ask? You want a stable mate? Are you stable? You want a loving mate? Are you a loving person? You want a consistent mate? Are you consistent? Just saying make sure you have things aligned while you’re in the waiting season. Pray and be specific in prayer!

Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

Surely the things we ask for God provides. There is no instance that we should have doubt in anything we ask. So maybe you’ve been waiting long and see no push to continue to wait let’s take a look into the Story of Abraham and Sarah. This couple was elderly Sarah was 89 years old, Abraham was 99 years old. They wanted of God life and prosperity. Just years ago God promised this family children and a place of their own. Now we’re looking at their ages thinking that it’s impossible for Sarah to even bare a child but that’s exactly how God works, he does the impossible. The promise is now unnoticeable to the couple but yet God remained in his promise for the two. Eventually in the story the two conceived after waiting 25 years.

Do you have the courage to wait on the promises or have you given up? I want to inform you that God has a plan so big for you, it’s going to be breathtaking. When we accept the wait period, we trust in God’s will. It will take time, it will take patience. The waiting phase is the hardest to do. But in those moments we must PREPARE! Set your mind on things that brings positivity, laugh more, study his word more, surround yourself by love, save more, eat healthy. I assure you God’s promises will take time and require sacrifice, if we take our hands off the wheel and let God steer our direction we’ll be in for great rewards.

The Forgiven Forgives

Why do people hurt us with the intent of no apology? We’re left lingering the hurt on the inside while they have moved on living happily ever after. Why is it that good people are the ones to get walked over? Why can’t we just live life with the fulfillment of being loved and receiving it in return? When you’re hurt it’s hard to forgive which causes the unforgiveness to eventually turn into bitterness or resentment. If left unrecognized forgiveness eventually paralyzes the heart and our ability to love, live, and be loved.

He is so rich in kindness and grace that He purchased our freedom with the blood of His Son and forgave our sins.” EPHESIANS 1:7

Ask yourself this question. Am I ready to let go of the past? Do I want a peace of mind? Do I want to continue harboring unforgiveness? Let me say this firstly, forgiveness does not mean pick up where you left off or the friendships will instantly mend. The sign of forgiveness is showing the compassionate heart that God desires of us. God understands there are times where reconciling may not be the best choice if the opponent is not ready to accept. Instead let the Holy Spirit led you. Another factor which may cause you to not initiate forgiveness is Pride. Maybe you feel as if it is unfair. You’re thinking they hurt you, why be so easy and let them off the hook. You want them to suffer right? What if God wasn’t forgiven and made us suffer? What if we turned to him and he neglect us? God does not use “fairness logic.” We should be thankful, at times we are unworthy of his love but yet he still finds favor in us.

God has paid for our sins to be forgiven through his son Jesus. So we must forgive as Christ has forgiven us.

God desires obedience out of us and he will clean us up as pure and protect us. I want to ensure you to be in compliance of God’s word and he will surely look after you. God is forgiveness, you don’t fully understand the sacrifices he’s made. God did not allow his son to suffer for us to hold grudges towards one another.

What does forgiveness look like to you? What are some ways we can unharbor forgiveness?

The enemy lures our mind into building hatred towards one another but people are not our enemy, Satan is! It is his job to attempt to control your mind into forming dislike towards someone, sometimes you don’t even know a person but hate them. The enemy creates silent enemies as well. The more the enemy forms this envy unto our hearts, the stronger the hold we have of forgiving. It is not possible to call yourself a child of God but hate God’s children. We are sisters and brothers. People who were are created by him. So let’s focus on setting our hearts on the level of kindness God wants us to display.

Where exactly will unforgiveness get you? Do you know it’s possible things we hold on to blocks us from reaping the goodness in store? Jesus told Peter he needed to forgive 490 times. That’s a lot right? No way that’s possible. Jesus purpose was that everyone who wronged you, you should FORGIVE!

I know you do not want to feel weak but in all honesty forgiving is the strongest power we gain. It’s a sign of strength that empowers us to live in regret. To be able to look at someone who has hurt you and forgive them is solely excepting the life Christ has to offer. Jesus knew his oppressors were blinded by hate but he chose to view their actions with a heavenly perspective.

Before you leave this place try to make things right with those who have neglected or wronged you. Pray for those who have offended you, bless those who have offended you, and do good to people who have offended you. Remember the enemy loves to remind us of our mistakes but it is us who will control how we handle decisions we have made in the past. If you want a better live, receive forgiveness by faith. Defeat every lie with the truth of God. So ask yourself am I ready to move (forgive) or be stuck at a stand still (unforgiveness).

Remember THE FORGIVEN FORGIVES! I hope this helps you to overcome anything you may be holding over anyone. It’s not easy but life gets easier once you lift the things you carry that you can not manage…


I’m patient but yet left wondering when will you come. I watch friends get engaged or friends find love but yet my heart remains empty. Although I find love in Christ, I dream of having a mate. I want a companion, a motivator, a soul mate. I pray I talk to God but yet Love is still at a standstill. Have I ran across my mate? Maybe the time wasn’t right or maybe he’s just unprepared. I know you feel the same as me you’re wondering where is the man who’ll save my heart that’s been bruised by men of no meaning. I want to encourage you to not lose the hope, one day this will all be a memory.

I’ve learned to embrace my singleness and build my faith in God. God wants my heart before I give it to anyone else. He’s the header he’s the King, the only way this man will be able to find you is strictly through God. While you wait talk to God, prepare yourself for this man in the meantime. Be sure of the things you ask for in a mate you can also provide. Don’t settle for anything that brings harm to your spirit. Love brings peace, so if it pains you, Let It Go!

The longer you wait the more you value self, the more you learn yourself. Some of us hold on to past insecurities that we block love when it arrives. I think God wants us to fully focus on him and get things in order before we receive what’s in store. Sometimes I watch people around me find love soon as they get out of a relationship and then there’s me, like God I’m ready but God still blocks because he knows deep down we’re no where near prepared. Here’s my prayer for you, may we continue to seek his will and never lose faith in what’s to come.

God I thank you for giving me understanding into your word. God keep me on the path you’ve called me to walk on. Forgive me for the things you may not agree of and make my heart to be more worthy of your love. God when I don’t receive the things I expect help me to see it’s all of your plan, it’s your protection that blocks the things I once desired. God give me direction and guide me through the unseen. I pray for my mate Lord may our hearts find favor in one another. As long as it takes I’ll wait on you, i trust your plan for my life Lord. I honor you in Jesus name. Amen!

Love will come, don’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel of God. Remember love is peace not pain.

You have potential …

You doubt yourself, you worry why and how. You no longer put up the fight somehow you tend to let Satan get the best of you. You let disappointments win you over, you see no way on how you’ll make it through. I get it I have been there.

Today I’m here to tell you that YOU HAVE POTENTIAL! In life I find that all we need is encouragement, we need uplifting, we need reassurance. As I read (Proverbs 3:26) it indicates “the Lord is our security (our protector) he will keep our foot from being caught in a trap.” This scripture gives us the answer we need to move further in life.

Our biggest fear is going forward being afraid we will get stuck but here it tells us as bright as day he will protect us and keep us from being jammed. There is no reason to hesitate or doubt anything in life with God on our side paving the sidewalk smooth to keep us from stumbling.

We are all blessed with gifts inside of us, God is waiting on you to trust in his will & take a leap of faith.

Do not hold yourself back from doing what God has called you to do because of self doubt. As soon as you step out God will pull things out of you that you had no idea you were capable of doing.

I have faith in you.

Passion to purpose: The Proverb Woman

She is capable and intelligent; she gives comforts and encouragement and she is applauded by her husband and children for her wisdom and honesty – her gentleness and mercy. She is thrifty and industrious; prudent and self-controlled, generous and creative.
So often, in the Word of God, the believer is expected to be clothed in righteousness, strength and humility, and covered with a garment of gracious praise. When we are clothed in Christ’s righteousness, it is His dignified strength and His gracious love that shines through.

This is a woman of gratitude, no where laziness transpired. She did not procrastinate neither did she give in. The Proverbs woman is a fearfully made woman. So ask yourself what are the similarities? How does this woman differ from who I am? Am I the procrastinator or the go-getter I know I’m capable of being? My advice to you is to not hold yourself back any longer from accomplishing what is meant for you in life. Do not be afraid to believe in yourself and step out into new beginnings. Let God reveal your true identity & live in that moment. You have potential to be who you want to be. It starts with you! You are powerful and created for a divine purpose.


We all want things when we want them but few are willing to wait. What are the odds of receiving things when we planned versus receiving when God planned? Quite frankly that’s how it goes. Maybe it’s financially you’re overwhelmed praying for a breakthrough or maybe it’s life in general whereas your bad days outweigh the good. Sometimes God takes us through hardship to get us prepared for his greatness. Don’t question why you’re going through life ups and downs instead stand firm and fight your way through.

Don’t move, don’t worry, don’t overthink! God is in control.

Like Baking A Cake..

As I was headed home I always take time and talk to God so this specific conversation was basically on waiting for my spouse and being clear on the things I ask of God in my significant other. I compared waiting as it is to baking a cake.

You have certain ingredients you use to make this cake vice versa the things we ask of God in our mate. What made me compare the two was the waiting process on how we sit but not rush the timing. We do other things in the mean time to keep us occupied while we wait.

Never doubt how swiftly God can move..

We wait patiently throughout the baking process for the cake to rise which is liquid then it rises to this cake texture same as it is to waiting while you’re single being alone to yourself and then you’re blessed with what you waited for.

I think we should learn to be more patient look at it as if we take the cake out to early it’s not done same as if we rush God for love and we have someone come into our life and we’re not as ready as we think we are at the moment which makes us reject. 

I feel as if when love happens it’ll happen when the time is right just make sure to not want the process to be of faster speed because you’ll end up receiving something/mate that’s not ready!

Understanding life.

Clearly we all have a purpose rather you have discovered your calling we are all here for a specific reason. While going through my transition in life I found myself losing people close to me and it affected me in every way. I had people talking down on me I went through a stage I was so discouraged I dropped my pen gave up writing for a minute I nearly let someone stuck all the energy inside of me I was weak felt like I was battling demons but later I realized it was all a TEST.

At this point in my life I’m so grateful to be surrounded by the ones who encourage me even when I slip I’m back realigned and that’s what life is about having someone there you can rely on not being around jealousy but of love . Moral of the story no matter how hard life gets you can’t get through it alone, make sure the people you surround yourself with are people of encouragement & people of understanding.

At this point in my life I’m so grateful to be surrounded by the ones who encourage me even when I slip I’m back realigned and that’s what life is about having someone there you can rely on not being around jealousy but of love . Moral of the story no matter how hard life gets you can’t get through it alone, make sure the people you surround yourself with are people of encouragement & people of understanding.

Faith is knowing ..

Understanding that life battles are hard and at times we come across the bumps. Often times I think we’re afraid to drive over instead we detour not knowing what’s ahead. I’m a firm believer in keep pushing keep continuing don’t be afraid to leap over because greater is ahead. Moral of the story no matter how hard life gets no matter how tough times get no matter what you’re facing keep pushing but understand that in any given moment your life can be changed. You have to KNOW that this isn’t the life God has planned and believe he’ll take you higher. The pain you may be facing won’t compare to the joy that’ll be replacing.