Vacation Time

After a long week of work my vacation has officially started. I’ve worked myself like crazy this week and dreaded for this time to come. I’ve been challenging myself to go in early to only end up working late. I call myself trying to stay busy to regain focus when I may have been overdoing things lately.

Normally when people take vacation they go on VACATION! Not me this time I plan to reset, restore, and renew myself. I look forward to doing a week of absolutely nothing but the gym. I think I may be even more excited to cut off my alarms for the week.

I look forward to enjoying some time with myself and for each day I’ve planned some things for me to do. Like spa day, movie day, and I’ve even included hiking. This is my first year not flying anywhere and being home while I vacate but it wouldn’t be life if I didn’t encounter this change.

Hope you all stay safe and have a great weekend, all next week is me time so I won’t blog for the next week. I thank you all for supporting me from all over the world. I hope to share more when I return.

With ❤️


By Courtney Dillard

A woman fulfilling her purpose.

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